Experience and Achievements

Software Engineer
2020 - present

  • Ideated, developed and supported a high-scale Kotlin-based Banking Service which extended Teya’s commercial product offering
  • Enhanced the team’s ability to respond quickly to incidents by leading the integration of observability best practices (logging, tracing, dashboards and alerts) into development and deployment processes
  • Spread the adoption of Kotlin by building an open-source skeleton project used to bootstrap projects company-wide to date
  • Introduced transactional support in our Ktor + Exposed service which reduced data integrity errors by by over 50%
  • Built a Java-based Financial Auditing system on AWS infrastructure to reduce payment errors
  • Architected and built a proof-of-concept ML deployment pipeline that allowed payments forecasting to reduce the company’s liquidity issues (Python, AWS S3 and Lambdas)
  • Enhanced company-wide API standardization by working with leaders to define API best practices
  • Reduced PR duration by 20% by improving the boundaries of our DDD architecture

Data Lead
2020 (5 months)

  • Built and led a team of 7 BI engineers that improved the operational efficiency of the company using data visualisation tools leading to an accelerated company growth
  • Led a multi-million investment into a fraud detection company by analysing and operationalising their state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms

Cambridge Consultants
Senior Electronics Engineer
2017 -2020

  • Acted as the Technical Lead for a team of 9 engineers and won a multi-million pound IoT consulting project
  • Discovered novel magnetic sensing techniques through Python simulations and mathematical modelling which increased the client’s investment in the project by 200%
  • Designed, prototyped, programmed, and ran user tests for state-of-the-art IoT devices using C++
  • Organised and ran company-wide hackathons

Cambridge Touch Technologies
Electronics Researcher
2016 (3 months)

  • Discovered novel algorithms for generating on-screen haptics by simulating and testing piezoelectric materials

Epsicom, Romania
Electronics Engineer
2015 (2 months)

  • Ideated, designed, prototyped, programmed, and tested a device to improve acoustic guitar playing

University of Craiova, Department of Nanotechnology
2015 (1 month)

  • Furthered the exploration of liquid crystal displays and carbon nanotube properties